Speed Reading

Basic eye exercises for speed reading

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What is Speed Reading?

Speed Reading is the ability to take in larger word groups by increasing your eye span and brain capacity, and decreasing reading barriers, such as limited vocabulary.

What is Speed Reading Exercises?

Speed Reading Exercises are special exercises to train your eyes to move more regularly, to see larger areas, etc. There are many of these exercises on the market, and they vary in quality, quantity and cost. Our exercises give you basic eye training and are free.

Two purposes of the program

How to use the exercises?

Firstly find out the speed and eye width area that you feel comfortable with to read the points, words or text flashed on screen. With regular daily training, you can gradually increase these values (decrease speed – ms value). After a while you will notice improvement in your scanning of words across a larger area. Practising a couple of minutes every day is better than practising very intensively for a longer period and than giving up.

What to do else?

You must also work on decreasing any reading barriers such as rereading words, and subvocalisation or reading aloud. There are further exercises available in books on speed reading. These exercises are often not available on-line, and some of these you cannot practise on the computer. Learn from books or experts on speed reading and practise daily. Since this site does not cover all the facts and details on speed reading, read the below mentioned books and/or take a Speed Reading course.


You can learn about speed reading by below books.

Eye Health

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