fuzziness.org moved into aydos.com

Today, I moved the applications on fuzziness.org to aydos.com. There were two applications: Fuzzy Clustering and Fuzzy Normal Forms. You can reach them from Mathematics menu.

Users will be deleted

Dear aydos.com users,

I decided to delete all user data from the site for some reasons. Firstly I could not handle individual requests anymore. There were a few requests for years, not so much, but 0-user 0-comment is my new site policy. I try to gain users on Android applications. Secondly, most of the site's web traffic, and users are for spam comment, etc. Third fact is some people tried to get my users emails with sites forms, such as password reset form.

Sum Them All released

First version of Sum Them All released. Please take a look: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aydos.android.sumthemall


Flashcards Lithuanian Words published

First version of Flashcards Lithuanian Words published for Android phones.

Aydoku released

Sudoku variant Aydoku was released for Android phones. İt is harder than sudoku. To solve player shift the free cells. You can download it from android stores. A web version will be available soon.

First apps for Android

Yesterday, I added my first applications to Android Store. You can download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=aydos
There are only two application for now and both are FREE. Flashcards for English and Turkish. Im planning to add some camera applications, live wallpaper, games, etc.

Brain Waves application added

Brain Waves application added. Its a two channel frequency generator. You can control frequency each sight of headphones. Brain frequency will be adjusted to the difference of these frequencies automatically.

Circles back

Text only colorful tunnel demonstration, circles come back.

Aydos.com upgraded to Drupal 7

Today, aydos.com upgraded to drupal 7. With this upgrade I had to recompile all applicaitions. Your passwords could be changed, so please use http://aydos.com/user/password to get a new password.

Pi Calculation added

Today, I wrote a program to calculate pi with different methods. These methods were listed on aydos.org/math/pi page. I moved the page here and put below the pi application: http://aydos.com/pi


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